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Top Websites to Find Spelling Bee Answers


Did you know that New York Times word games are played by around 10 million players? This news website is famous for its interesting games and Spelling Bee is one of them. Its name comes from its honeycomb-shaped grid. You have to match letters and form different types of words.

You gain points for finding words. Many sites are available to assist you if you are having trouble playing this game. They contain answers to this daily puzzle game. In this article, we will introduce you to the top such websites where you can find Spelling Bee answers. Let’s start.

A Brief Overview of Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a word puzzle game that people play on the New York Times’s website. This game is updated on a daily basis. The interesting thing about this is that it is updated globally. This means that the same puzzle is uploaded for all the audience.

Its playing method is very easy. The following points explain it all:

  • There is a honeycomb-shaped grid filled with letters.
  • The total number of these letters is 7.
  • The central letter is the main one. It must be included in all the words you create.
  • You can also reuse letters as many times as you want.
  • Once you create the letter, you get points accordingly. The more letters you include in the world, the more points you get.
  • The word that includes all 7 letters is called a pangram. It earns you the most points. 

Ranking system:

There are different ranks in this game. You achieve a rank as you earn points. There’s an important thing you have to keep in mind. You can only play until a certain rank if you haven’t subscribed to NYT. You can continue playing after subscribing. 

Top Websites to Find Spelling Bee Answers

The following websites are ideal for finding the Spelling Bee answers:

Spelling Bee Solver:

As the site name indicates, it is specifically designed to help you find the answers to this puzzle. Spelling Bee Solver is completely free to access and use. Its method of explaining the answers is very interesting. It explains each and every aspect of the daily puzzle.

For example, it tells you how many spangrams can be created in the puzzle. Besides this, it also tells you the total number of words that can be formed. This gives you a proper idea of how many points you can earn in the game. It provides all the words in the form of a list. You can use them in the game and get your points.


Word Tips is actually a word-solver. This means you can use it to find any word you require. You do it by providing hint letters to it. There isn’t much information it explains about the puzzle. However, its method of providing Spelling Bee answers is very straightforward.

It provides words according to the number of letters in them. The top section contains the spangrams. After that, the words with the highest number of letters are provided. As you scroll down, the number of letters keeps getting lower.

Take a look at the picture below to understand it.

First, you see the pangrams. Then, 10-letter words. After that, 8, 7, 6, and so on.

Word Finder (by YourDictionary):

Word Finder is another top site you can use to find the Spelling Bee answers. It is also a word-finder tool. This means it covers a lot more than just answers to this puzzle. This website also offers words in a managed way.

Just like the site we discussed above; this one places the spangrams at the top. The method of providing other words is the opposite. That is because it starts with the words having the least number of letters (4). You find other words as you scroll down. Put simply, it is an ideal site if you want to glance at the answers quickly.

So, these are the top sites you can use to find the Spelling Bee answers. All of them update their data daily. This means that you can get answers for each daily game published in the NYT.

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Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the Spelling Bee has become a popular word puzzle game. It is daily published on NYT and is played by millions of people. The reason for that is its interesting nature. You have to find different words by combining some letters. These words must include the letter placed in the middle of the grid. It gives you points according to number of letters included in the words.

Many people struggle to solve it. That’s why many websites provide the Spelling Bee answers daily. There are several of them available on the Internet. However, we have discussed the top ones in the information given above. All of them are free to use and offer answers in a decent way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spelling Bee a free game?

The Spelling Bee that NYT offers isn’t free. You can play only to a certain limit if you haven’t subscribed to this news site.

Can I make words without using the central letter?

No. Including the central letter is the main requirement of this puzzle game.

Do all people get different puzzles?

No. NYT publishes the same Spelling Bee puzzle for everyone around the globe.

Is playing this game really difficult?

Not really. Since only seven letters are involved, forming words is relatively easier.

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