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About PCMagz

Welcome to PCMagz!

This is a blog that will Gear you Up for What’s Next!

Our team of passionate storytellers and creative minds at PCMagz curates the most intriguing stuff and presents it in an easily digestible manner. We explore a range of subjects that pique your interest, start discussions, and leave you wanting more.

Think of us as your one-stop platform for:

In-depth articles: We explore trending issues, timeless topics, and hidden gems across various walks of life.

Top 10s: We create lists of Top 10s to give you ideas about everything you need in life.

Compelling interviews: We chat with influencing individuals who are making a difference in their fields.

Diverse perspectives: We present a range of voices and viewpoints to spark a richer conversation.

We believe in the power of storytelling to educate, entertain, and inspire modern-day users. Whether you’re seeking the latest insights, good informative content, or simply a thought-provoking read, we’ve got you covered.

Our Talented Team Members

Discover our talented team, writing and sharing a wide range of topics and guides to Gear you Up for What’s Next!

Fawad Malik (Founder and CEO)

Fawad Malik is the man behind the success of this blog. In 2013, he entered the world of blogging and digital marketing. With his extensive skills and experience in the field, Fawad has started PCMagz to make tech accessible for everyone. He regularly develops new ideas for the blog to cover everything we need to survive and thrive in this fast changing digital world. He also published rich content blogs related to his entrepreneurial success or tech biz explorations.


Noman Sarwar (Creative Director)

Noman Sarwar is a man with a creative mind coming up with creative ideas to grow PCMagz efficiently. He is a content writer by passion (since 2010) and skilled in writing about topics like blogging, digital marketing, SEO and business technologies. Now, he is more than a writer; he is leading the team with his amazing content ideas and growth strategies.

Saad Shah (Chief Editor)

Saad Shah has been with our blog for 3+ years and is a skilled writer and editor. In order to ensure that all blog posts adhere to the guidelines and standards set out by the blog, he meticulously reviews each one. Anything in the content can be changed or replaced by him.


Raza Mohsin (Marketing Manager)

Raza Mohsin has been working as a marketing manager for more than 5 years, during which time. He has specialized in digital strategy for boosting content. He develops engaging ads that improve engagement and revenue.

Hammad Ali (Content Writer)

Hammad Ali is a passionate content writer with a keen desire to provide informative and useful content about Traveling and blogging. He has a deep knowledge of tourist places, travel tips, and accommodations.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza (Content Writer)

Ali Raza is a professional writer who creates engaging content by translating complex technological concepts into simple and easy steps. His expertise lies in writing about solutions related to tech gadgets, digital marketing and SEO tools. His content adds real value to a blog because he knows what resonates best with the target audiences.

Azeem Riaz (Graphic Designer)

Azeem Riaz is a person who adds charm to content with attractive graphics. He draws stunning visuals to make the content more unique. With more than 5 years of experience he is serving as a loyal person of team. He knows how to make a picture standout that grab the attention of user.

azeem riaz
Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan (Graphic Designer)

Ali Hassan is the Picasso of art who creates engaging and resonating designs. He is an important member of our designing team who’s expertise lies in Adobe Photoshop. Each and every design he creates is innovative and creative than previous designs, which drives engaging audiences to the site.

M Arham (Social Media Expert)

M Arham is a crucial member of our team who leads our social media strategies. Social media sharing is at his fingertips, which drives a robust brand presence over the internet. He also manages Google Search Console to help the team find and fix issues ASAP.