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Gabb Phone Review – A Kids Mobile Phone Without Internet


Looking for an internet-free device for your kids to keep them connected? If yes, then Gabb Phone is for you!

The Gabb company has designed devices like Gabb Z2 for kids. These gadgets let kids talk and text as much as they want, but they don’t have internet, social media, time-wasting games, or unsafe applications. The mobile phone focuses on what’s essential for talking and texting and leaves out things that could cause problems or online security for kids. Gabb ensures kids can stay connected without seeing things online that aren’t good for them. 

Keep reading the blog post to learn more about this amazing phone.

Gabb Phone – An Overview

The Gabb phone for kids is made simple and safe, like the old phones we used to have. It lets kids talk and text without the internet, social media, apps, or games distracting them. The phone has GPS to help parents track where their child is. It also plays safe music for kids and does not contain bad words. With the basic Gabb plan, kids can only talk and text—they can’t send or receive pictures or participate in group texts. However, parents can add these features with the MMS add-on. It ensures kids stay connected safely, giving parents peace of mind.

You can visit their official website to find and order your favourite phone.

Gabb Phone Features and Hardware

This phone is made for kids and comes with everything a good phone must have, its features include

Display5.45 inch (720×1440)
Headphone Jack3.5 mm standard
ProcessorMTK 6761 Quad Core CPU 2GHz
Battery2650 mAh

Apps Available on Gabb Phone

With Gabb Phone, parents can give their child access to many safe apps. These apps are carefully developed, tested, reviewed, and modified with safety measures.

Below are the pre-installed apps available on this phone:

  • Call
  • Message
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Files
  • Photos
  • Radio
  • Record (voice)
  • Settings
  • Video
  • Gabb Music (subscription required)

What Network Does Gabb Wireless Use?

Gabb uses its network called the Gabb wireless network, which uses Verizon’s big coverage area. It helps Gabb phones work well in many places. However, since Gabb runs on its network, you can only add a Gabb phone to your existing Verizon plan if you already use Verizon. Each Gabb device is explicitly made for their network and is designed to be safe and straightforward for kids. This way, Gabb can focus on giving families secure ways for children to connect, with features that match their goal of safe communication.

How Much Does a Gabb Phone Cost?

The Gabb phone is available to you for free, but you need to pay every month to use it on their network. If you sign up for two years, it costs $24.99 monthly for unlimited talking and texting. If you want to send and receive pictures (MMS), that’s an extra $2 every month. They also offer a warranty that covers damage from dropping or spills, which costs $4.99 monthly. The Gabb music feature is free for the first month; after that, it’s $4.99 more each month.

Pros and Cons

No InternetNo Call Blocking Solution
No Social Media Apps
GPS Tracking

What We Like in Gabb Phone?

It Gives Parents Peace of Mind

As kids get older, they want more freedom, which is essential for them to grow. However, as a parent, not knowing exactly where they are can be worrying, especially if they take the bus to school. For this purpose, you can use its real-time GPS tracking feature. The app also lets parents set up several “safe zones” to ensure their kids stay in specific areas. The app tells parents if the kids and their Gabb phones go outside these zones.

It Makes it Easy to Communicate with Kids

Whether you like texting or calling, the Gabb phone does both. You can text your kid to ask a quick question, like what snacks they wanted from Trader Joe’s. For more urgent things, like changes in who picked them up from school or if tennis class got cancelled, you can call their Gabb phone. The Gabb phone doesn’t make them give detailed answers magically, but it made me feel calm, knowing I could easily stay in touch all day. Being able to talk directly with my child through texts or calls was helpful.

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It Doesn’t Have Any Distractions

Kids don’t like that the Gabb phone doesn’t have internet, social media, or video games. That’s why they think the Gabb phone is “boring,” which suits parents. But parents like this feature. The Gabb phone makes parents feel better because I know they won’t see things right for their age or spend too much time on screens. It lets them stay connected while keeping their digital use under control.

What We Didn’t Like

There’s No Ability to Block Unwanted Calls

Most kids’ smartwatches, including the Gabb watch, let parents control which numbers they can call them. However, the Gabb phone doesn’t have this feature. It is a big problem because parents usually want their kids keep away from unwanted calls. It is a significant oversight in parental controls, especially in a world with so many phone scams that younger kids might not know how to handle.

It Ends Up Being Expensive

The monthly fee for a device that focuses on texting and calling might seem pricey, especially if your child wants additional features. Gabb Wireless provides unlimited phone calls and texts, but only a few kids with a Gabb phone use these features frequently. Older kids who use many texts or calls already have a regular smartphone. While Gabb phones offer essential communication without internet distractions, the cost might only feel justified if your child uses these services sparingly.

Should you buy a Gabb phone? Our Opinion!

Yes, if your kid is Dead-set On a Phone

If your child wants a phone but you’re worried about giving them one that can go online, the Gabb phone is a great option. It lets them call and text family and friends without the risks of having access to the entire Internet or social media. The Gabb phone is a good choice for kids who need more freedom but aren’t ready to handle everything they might see on a smartphone. It is like a safe first step towards having their phone.

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