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iPhone 15 Pro Max Review – What’s New and Exciting?


Whenever a smartphone is about to be released, people have high expectations of it. People use the mobile phone and give their opinion about it. The same people may have different opinions after a few months of using the phone. That’s what I experienced with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It has been over nine months since this masterpiece was launched by Apple.

I have used this phone as my primary device since then. The whole experience comes to one point: it’s worth every penny. You will learn more about this experience in this review article. Let’s start.

A Transition from Android to iPhone

iPhone 15 Pro Max had a special impact on people who have been using Android for a while now. That is because it offers features that persuaded them to join the Apple Ecosystem. And it’s not just about the software. The build structure of the phone has a lot to do with it – especially the titanium build.

When you hold the phone, it feels compact and sturdy but still comfortable even without a cover. It’s very amazing to know that Apple was able to fit such powerful technology into this compact structure.

The change in the lightning port gave many Android users a sense of victory. That is because Apple, after a very long time, switched the port to general USB-C.

The Introduction to the Action Button

The lightning port isn’t the only thing that Apple decided to replace. They also did it with the traditional and iconic ring/silent switch. Now they have put an “Action Button” in its place. Its basic functionality is that it performs its assigned task once you press and hold it. This task can be assigned from within the phone.

As for its actual usage, I’ve noticed that I rarely use it. It’s true that it is a quicker way of using a feature. But we’re used to performing such actions in the older way so of iPhones. So, it indicates that this button may not be revolutionary for many people. But still, there are some people who love to use this button to immediately access a certain feature.

New Camera Features

iPhone 15 Pro Max has had some new camera features as well. They have come in pretty handy throughout my experience with it. Especially the new telephoto lens. It’s only exclusive to the 15 Pro Max in the lineup. Using this feature was very convenient. For example, I was able to capture better optically zoomed photos. 

You can now even use the 25x zoom feature. It can literally be used as a magnifying glass. Although I didn’t need much zooming in everyday life. Another noticeable feature is the combination of Live and Portrait photos.

You can capture people moving around with maximum accuracy. When you open the pictures, you can choose the option of a Live photo or a portrait. Unfortunately, there’s no option for recording Spatial videos. It has been a huge worry for Apple Vision Pro users.

The Controversial Front Glass

Just like every other iPhone, the front glass of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been the target of many critics. And I partially agree with them. I’ve seen users complaining about how easily the glass can catch scratches. And to be fair, I’ve noticed some of them on my model as well. They’re not as intense as people are saying, but still, they get on the screen very easily.

Despite having a ceramic shield and a high price tag, showing such issues is very disappointing. The scratches are invisible when you’re using the phone. As soon as the screen goes dark, they pop up right in front of you. If you use it without proper cover, you may have to reduce the price in case you migrate it to someone else later.

The good thing is that future users will not have to face this problem. That is because the rumored iPhone 17 has an anti-glare glass that will be protected from such scratches. But as of now, you’ve got to compromise with this drawback.

The Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the iPhone 15 Pro Max after using it for more than 8 months are given below:


  • The Action button is useful for many people.
  • The battery timing has been stable for most of the time.
  • The newly added camera features enhance the user experience.
  • The newly added lightning port makes the phone a little more universally compatible.


  • Screen scratches can be a problem for users.
  • Your muscle memory may force you to ignore the Action button.

Should You Upgrade to iPhone 15 Pro Max?

I have described every detail of our experience with this phone. The discussed factors are the ones that you will notice after using the phone as your primary device. This indicates that everything is right in front of you. It’s your decision to decide whether or not to upgrade to this model.

In general, if you want to have a completely new experience with the camera, we recommend upgrading. If you don’t own an iPhone already, we again recommend purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It will give you a completely new experience of using smartphones.


In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has had a very positive impact on me. It is a massive upgrade in the line of iPhones due to many reasons. The change in the lightning port is one of the biggest examples of this. Also, the new Action button can be useful if you get used to it. The camera has been upgraded a lot as well. It has new zooming features that can offer you a great user experience.

As for build quality, it is a sturdy and compact phone to hold. There have been complaints about the front glass, however. But that’s not something new with the iPhones. Besides this, the overall experience was very good. I recommend upgrading to people who care about advanced camera features. The same goes for Android users considering joining the Apple ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max worth buying in 2024?

Indeed. The reviews about the phone have mostly been positive. So, it’s a green light to purchase the phone this year.

Is it a massive upgrade from the iPhone 14?

I wouldn’t use the word “massive” for this upgrade. But still, there are a lot of new things in this new model.

Can its camera be used professionally?

Yes. Its camera can be used professionally as well. However, it’s not powerful enough for handling high-quality work such as wildlife photography/documentary.

How good is the battery of this phone?

This phone’s battery is above average. I faced no major issues during my usage period.

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