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How To Repurpose Blog Content and Increase Traffic


Do you know your old best content works for you if you don’t want to create new content for your blog? Yes, it is right. This is a content repurposing technique that not only serves as fresh content but also drives more traffic to your website. 

As bloggers, we tried to write engaging content to provide useful information to our readers and increase organic traffic to the blog, which helped improve its ranking. However, if we have new material sometime, we can repurpose blog content with additional information for your readers. We have also mentioned some of the Best Blogging Tools for Beginners in another blog post that you may find useful.

What is Content Repurpose?

Content repurposing is a strategy to reuse your best piece of content as fresh content. For example, you can republish your old content just now or make it into two parts. Also, you can turn your blog posts into podcasts, infographics, and videos. 

However, this is the best way to use your content in useful ways and attract new audiences on different platforms with your existing content. 

How to Repurpose Blog Content

Here are some best ways to repurpose blog content and increase traffic:

Turn Your Blog Post Into Two Parts

If you have a blog post that contains additional information and covers two topics in content. You can divide it into two parts to engage new audiences on your blog. For example, you have written a review article and covered features and alternatives. You can separate the parts of alternatives into a new blog post. However, add some additional information to make it unique and useful. 

This is the best way to repurpose blog content and build trust in your readers. Also, it is an SEO strategy that most expert bloggers use to improve blog ranking. 

Turn Your Content into Infographics

Infographic content is equally important for the blog as written content. So, if you have an older post that you think you can turn into a catchy graphic, then do this to repurpose content. It helps to generate traffic to your blog and engage infographic users with your blog as readers. You can create an infographic using Adobe Premiere, Canva, or other tools. Also, you can use it on your Pinterest account to engage new users or share on social media pages. Reports suggest that images are the best source to attract users to businesses and websites. 

Make a Podcast with Blog Content

A well-researched and written blog post is a pillar page of the website that builds trust in the reader and makes the reader able to become a regular reader and visitor. Is it not a good idea to make a podcast with your blog content and increase new traffic from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and others? Yes, you can repurpose blog content to podcasts and engage users with useful information. You can generate audio from text and publish it on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. Also, add your podcast to your blog, which is a good way to provide Google search engines with an authentic way to recognize your website as trustworthy. 

Make a Podcast with Blog Content

Review and Update as Just Now

It is another SEO technique that helps engage new users with old content. Updating existing content also lets search engines know that you are working on site and care about users to provide updated information. It improves the website ranking and increases organic traffic. 

What content do you need to update? It is important to get analytics from the Google search console on which blog post is performing well. So, you can update it with new information and add more visuals that increase the chance of ranking first in the SERP. 

For example, if your post is ranking on 10+, no, but it lacks some additional information like FAQS, Pricing, Pros and cons or something new. You can update with the latest information and post it just now to rank on the first page and engage new users. 

Repost Blog Content On Medium and Linkedin

Hope you have experienced some topics ranking on first result pages on Google from Medium and LinkedIn when you search for something. These are reposted content from writers and bloggers. You can also do this to make the most of your existing content. However, it is important to know that you shouldn’t make the mistake of posting an entire blog. Post only the best and catchy lines and encourage the reader to read the complete article on your website. Also, follow Google’s guidelines; otherwise, your post can be penalized for plagiarism or duplicate content. But it is a great way to repurpose blog content and increase your blog traffic through these platforms. 

Turn Your Blog Post into an E-Book

Repurpose blog content into e-books and download forms. Find a case study article of more than 3000 words or gather some articles on the same topic to create an ebook. Your case study article is best turned into an ebook and used as a lead magnet for your blog. You can add your ebook to your website to offer as a gift to your reader. This will build trust, and your blog readers will become regular readers, increasing the bounce rate of the website if you have exclusive content like SEO strategies. Blogging tips or content writing techniques you can sell through the website in the form of E-books. 

Utilize Blog Posts in NewsLetter Email

News Email latter is also a strategy to keep engaging your user with your blog and send blog posts based on their preference. You can share your well-written blog post in a Newsletter, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. It is the best way to give periority to your readers and keep them engaged with your blog. 

Utilize Blog Posts in News Letter Email

Write Guest Post 

Guest posts are the best content marketing strategies to draw new visitors to your blog. But you know you use your existing content as guest posts. However, keep in mind that just a few website allows to guest post the old content. One more important thing to remember is to add your canonical link to your original content so that Google will not penalize you for duplicate content. In this way, your host blog, where you have published guest posts, gets a new article, and you can increase traffic. 

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a form posting and answer questioning platform where people seek guidance from experts. Most people have questions about products, gadgets, services, and reviews. So, you can find the questions your niche related and repurpose your content as answers to draw traffic to your blog. One such way is to post useful lines from your content and encourage the audience to read the solution on your blog. 

Create Online Courses

As most people want to learn something new from their comfort zone, you can use your exclusive content as an online course. Add your well-researched case study article into an ebook or create a readable soft document to sell to your customer. This will not only make money but encourage new users to read more on your blog. 

What We Conclude

Well, these are details about how to repurpose blog content. However, repurpose strategies are different for everyone. It is a technique that bloggers use to drive traffic, and everyone has a different point of view. You can turn your blog post into content in different formats, such as podcasts, videos, and infographics. Also, you can use existing content t o use as a guest post or create an E-book for readers. Update your old content and add the latest information, improve graphics, and republish just now which increases the chances of ranking on the first result page. 

Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali provides insights about upcoming technologies, gadgets, and business. His writing and keen observation are not only bound to technology but he also writes about blogging, net worth and other niches to inform reader with latest trends and insights accross thw world. In his free time, he loves to read books and explore new places.

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