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What is CRPG? Top 10 to Play


The gaming industry has become insanely huge in this modern age. Companies have to divide the games into their relevant genres. CRPG is one of them. The term stands for “Computer Role Playing Game”. It lets users create personalized characters and immerse themselves in fantastical settings.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re interested in learning more about this genre. We will go into great depth about it here. We’ll also talk about the top 10 games in this genre that you can play.

 Let’s start.

What is CRPG?

CRPG is a game genre that is inspired by tabletop RPGs. This is a very interesting genre because it includes a deep and proper character customization. You can select the race, class, skills, etc., of the character which makes the gameplay interesting.

Usually, these games include environments that are vastly diverse. Their nature can be different such as mythical, Sci-Fi, fantasy, etc. You get to explore these worlds and complete quests and missions.

These games heavily depend on the character statistics. The better the stats the better your character will perform. Similarly, the choices you make within the gameplay directly impact the whole story. This gives a special type of suspense and thrill to the player.

Top 10 CRPG to Play:

There are hundreds of CRPG games available out there. However, the following 10 can offer you the best experience.

1.      Baldur’s Gate 3:

The first CRPG you should try out is Baldur’s Gate 3. It is one of the most advanced games of this franchise. The story is very interesting. Some tadpole parasites are implanted in your brain. These parasites transform people into illithids.

You crash escape the ship and find the cure.

The world environment of Baldur’s Gate 3 is also an interesting factor. You get to enjoy a vast landscape. It is filled with things like crashed ships, forests, ancient ruins, etc. You can interact with different things within the world. It makes the gameplay even more interesting.

2.      Disco Elysium:

Disco Elysium is a mystery game. It takes place in a fictional city named Ravachol. The main story is to solve a murder mystery. The city is under great political turmoil which makes the story more interesting.

Another interesting thing about this game is its character. It is an alcoholic detective who also has amnesia. The murder mystery is not the only thing that they struggle with. They also have to fight with their inner demons. The nature of the world environment is exceptional.

3.      Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is an interesting CRPG that takes place in futuristic Hong Kong. The world is lit with interesting visuals. It is also filled with different types of criminal underworlds. It’s actually a sequel to Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall.

You play as a mercenary who takes jobs from different authorities within the game. The story plot revolves around a corporate conspiracy. It involves some stolen technology along with past secrets. You uncover them as you progress through.

4.      Wasteland 3:

Are post-apocalyptic games your type? You’ve got to try out Wasteland 3 then. It is a second sequel to the game from which the Fallout series was inspired. It is set in a harsh environment of frozen Colorado.

An exciting thing about this game is that you play as a team in it. It is called Desert Rangers and is apparently the last hope of Arizona. Nevertheless, you have to travel to Colorado. That is because of the Patriarch’s plea for help. In doing so, you face different difficulties and challenges. You encounter different factions and have to make interesting choices.

5.      Tyranny:

Tyranny is a very good CRPG where the main character develops to become a villain. This game is set in the world of Tiers. This place is overcome by a powerful character named Kyros. You play as Kyros’ agent. A great deal of power is given to you. Your main job is to enforce Kyros’ will on the city to crush dissent and maintain order.

The thing that most fans of this game like is its grey area of morality. This means that the villains and heroes aren’t properly distinguished in it. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous CRPG is developed by Owclat Games. You join a mythic crusade against a demonic invasion in this game. It is set in the world of Glorian. This is based on the Pathfinder tabletop RPG system.

Your character has some amazing powers in this game. These powers let you face and fight the demonic horde. This horde has grown stronger. So, you join the Fifth Crusade against them. Its overall gameplay gives you a very joyous experience.

6.      Tower of Time:

Tower of Time is developed by Event Horizon. The attractive thing about this game is its story-rich nature. You get to explore the fantasy world of Valeria in this game. You play as a character named Rean. The character is a warrior who awakens with amnesia. It happens after a failed attempt to stop Chronoscepter into the wrong hands.

As you progress in the game, you get to face different agendas and factions. You have to make your choices in a very careful way. That is because they can cause a ripple effect.

7.      Dragon Age:

Dragon Age CRPG is famous for its rich lore and interesting character development. It takes place in the vast world of Thedas. Its regions are very diverse regions and cultures. Magic has a great role in this game as well.

Its world is facing a great threat that is led by Darkspawn. This is a very corrupted creature. This makes the gameplay very challenging. Your choices while playing this game will bring certain consequences. So, be wise while making them.

8.      Encased:

Encased is a single-player story-driven CRPG. It is a perfect game for Sci-Fi fans. That is because it takes place in a fictional Soviet era. An amazing artifact has been discovered in the far desert.

You play as a corporate agent. This agent is tasked to go into a dome to recover this technological marvel. The world inside the dome is a completely harsh wasteland. Again, your game choices will uncover their consequences.

9.      Age of Decadence:

Age of Decadence is another game that you should try out. It portrays the fallen Roman Empire. You play the character of a young exile who is returning to a city named Teron. You have to struggle and make your own path in this brutal world. 

The main story revolves around the character’s path. As you progress through the game, you get to know different things about your origin. You encounter different factions in it and have to make strategic decisions.


To conclude it all, CRPG is an interesting game genre. You play as a character in a fantasy world. In doing so, you have to follow a story-driven plot. The main character faces different challenges in this game. One of its core aspects is the gameplay choices. That is because they impact the story greatly. These games also allow you to customize your character properly. We have discussed the top 10 games of this genre above that you should give a try. They offer great gameplay along with engaging stories.


Are CRPG available on mobile devices?

Yes. There are some of these games that are designed for playing on mobile devices.

Can we play these games in multiplayer mode?

Yes. You can play some of CRPG in multiplayer as well.

Do these games require high system specifications?

This depends on the type of game you are playing. Some of them may need high specifications.

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