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What is a Domain Name? A Quick Explanation


A website consists of different factors. A Domain name is one of the most important ones. It’s actually an address to a site that a person can use to access it.

Understanding it is important if you deal with websites every day. That is what this article will help you with. Here, we will discuss what is a Domain name. We will also describe its different types. In the end, we will discuss how you can purchase one. Let’s get started.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is an easily memorable name for a website. This name is linked with a certain IP address. We require an address to access a website, just as we use it to get to a location. This address is often in the form of a complex IP.

Such addresses are very hard to remember for a general audience. That’s where a Domain name comes to save the day. These complicated IPs are linked with certain domains so that people can easily remember them.

Usually, they take the form of words that are used in human language, like,, etc. It is the reason a domain name is required while building a website.

 It will give your site a proper address that your audience can use.

Types of a Domain Name:

There are different types of a domain name. They provide further information about the site. Here are the details of such domain names:

Top-Level Domain (TLD):

TLD is a common term for a domain extension. It can be found to the right of the “.” (dot). For example, the Top-Level Domain in the address “” is “.com”.

They also come in a few additional varieties. They usually tell the nature of the websites.

  • .biz: This domain explains that the website is owned by some business.
  • .org: This indicates that some organization owns this website.
  • .net: Usually, businesses working in networking use this domain.

Despite their availability, “.com” is being used the most.

Country-Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD):

This is an extension that is linked with some specific country. It includes two letters of the country name taken from international country codes. Here are some examples:

  • .se is for Sweden
  • .de is for Germany
  • .au is for Australia
  • .it is for Italy

These domains are used by sites that operate specifically in one country. International sites and businesses can also use these domains. They can do it to specify their country-based content.

Sponsored Top-Level Domains are linked with specific communities. These communities can be professional, ethnic, etc. These domains are represented by a sponsor organization.

Here are some of their examples:

  • .edu is used by educational institutions.
  • .gov is used by government institutions.
  • .jobs is used by the Human Resource Management society.  

Difference Between a URL and a Domain Name:

People confuse a domain name with a URL. These two are not the same, despite certain resemblances. A URL is a full address that directs users to a certain section or page on a website. It consists of different parts. One of these parts is a domain name.

Here are the details of these parts:

The protocol:

This indicates whether or not the site is secured with an SSL certificate. It can either be an HTTP or HTTPS.

The domain:

This is the site’s address.

The path:

It describes the location of a certain part of a website.

Here’s an example.

In the URL

  • http://” is the protocol
  • “” is the domain name.
  • “/reels” is the path that indicates that the link will open the reels section of the site.

How to Purchase a Domain Name?

Besides knowing what is a Domain name, you also need to know how to purchase one. Here are some steps you need to follow for that:

Step – 1:

You need to choose a domain name provider in the first place. Online, you may find a number of different services.

We’ll use Bluehost ( for demonstration reasons.

Step – 2:

Now, search for a name that is relevant to your website’s nature. We searched for a shoe brand name called “Sensation Shoes”.

Step – 3:

From the received results, pick the domain of your liking. Their prices are mentioned with them.

Click on the “Proceed” button to continue.

You can pick a hosting plan or just continue with your domain only.

Provide your payment information and purchase the domain. You can start using it for your website after that.

Additional Tips:

There are some tips that can help you pick a great domain name. We have listed them below:

  • Keep the name short and catchy.
  • Try to keep it relevant to your business or website purpose.
  • Pick a name that is easily memorable.
  • If your brand name is short, add some extra creative words.
  • Compare prices on different platforms before picking.


In conclusion, anyone who wishes to build websites should be aware of what is a domain name. It’s an address connected to a certain website. It facilitates users’ access to the website. That is because these addresses are easily memorable as compared to IP addresses.

There are different types of domain names. They tell the nature of the authority that owns the website. It’s also critical to recognize the distinctions between a domain name and a URL.

You can purchase the domain of your liking from any provider. Follow the steps given in the information above for that. Besides this, we have also shared some useful tips that can help you pick a decent name.


Is purchasing a domain name costly?

It depends on the nature of your domain name. The pricing also depends on the platform you’re purchasing it from. Make sure to compare prices before purchasing.

Can I use a domain name other than my business name?

Yes. You can use it. However, it can make it difficult for your audience to find your site.

What happens after my domain registration expires?

You will have to renew the registration after the expiry date. Otherwise, someone else can register it for their site.

Is it possible to sell a domain name?

Yes. You can sell it on different relevant platforms.

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