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Unblocked Games Premium – How to Play & Top Features


We sometimes need a break from studies or work. A quick dose of interesting browser games can be helpful for that. However, accessing such games can be difficult due to restrictions. Premium-level browser games are even harder to play.

Well, you can play them on Unblocked Games Premium easily now. It is a website containing hundreds of free games. They are of high quality and give a thrilling experience. In this blog, we will discuss how you can play them. We will also take a look at this site’s top features. Let’s begin.  

An Overview of Unblocked Games Premium:

Unblocked Games Premium is a special website where you can play browser games without restriction. You can find tons of websites that offer unblocked games. What sets this site apart is the game quality. This means that most of the games here are of premium quality.

That’s the reason a sizable following has gathered around this site. Thousands of people come to it daily to play their beloved games.

 It covers almost every major game genre available out there. This gives you a diverse range of choices. This results in a better user experience.

How to Play Games on Unblocked Games Premium?

It’s super easy. It becomes easier when the process is discussed in steps. That’s what we’ve done below.

Step – 1:

First, you’ve got to search this website on the Internet. Use your browser’s search feature for that.

Step – 2:

You will receive some search results. You have to click on the one that is highlighted in the image below (

Step – 3:

This link will take you to the website. Here, you can find all the games available. You can either browser or search for the game you want to play.

The site will give you instructions about how you can start playing. Follow them until the fun begins.  

Top Features of Unblocked Games Premium:

The top features of this website are listed below:

Free Availability:

This website offers free games for users. You can enjoy yourself with them without having to spend a penny.

 The games can be played directly as well. This means you don’t need an account as well.

Simple User Interface:

The user interface of this website is very simple. It has organized the games in relevant categories. This helps users find and play games easily. For example, the desktop and mobile games are categorized into two sections. Take a look at the image below to see it.

Wide Range of Genres:

There’s a wide range of game genres available here. This helps people with diverse tastes enjoy their favorite ones. All the major genres are categorized at the top of the homepage. You can click on them to see what relevant games are available.

Premium Quality:

All the games you see here are of premium quality. Some even include multiplayer modes. They also have very decent graphics. This makes the whole gaming experience very exclusive.

Saving Game Progress:

The website saves your game progress as well. This helps you not lose all the progress you made through hard work. However, you can lose it if you delete your browser data or caches.

Safe and Secure:

There are no harmful viruses or malware related to this website. This makes it a safe and secure place for gaming. However, we recommend not clicking on any ad in case one appears. They can take you to harmful web pages.

 Updated Content:

Unblocked Games Premium updates itself daily. They do it both for new and existing games. For example, they might add new features to the games. In a similar way, they might add completely new games to the database as well. This gives users always something new to experience.

Top Game Genres:

Here are some top genres you should try at Unblocked Games Premium:


It’s specifically designed for people looking for some action games. Most of them focus on offering a thrilling experience. Some top names of this genre are:

  • Bullet Force
  • Clicker Heroes
  • Doom 2
  • Gun Blood
  • Crossy Road


You can find all the shooting games in this genre. If you like having fun with guns, this is the right option for you. You can try out these games:

  • 1V1 LOL
  • Apple Shooter
  • Awesome Tanks 2
  • Getaway Shootout
  • Raft Wars 2


It’s a decent genre for sports lovers. All the games here are related to different sports. Some of the major ones include:

  • 3D Bowling
  • 8 Ball
  • Basket & Ball
  • Football Legends
  • Tap Tap Shots.

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In conclusion, Unblocked Games Premium is a good website for playing free games. All of them are browser-based. You can play them online without downloading them. The nature of these games is completely premium. They offer an exclusive experience to the users. Their playing method is also very easy. Only a few steps are involved in it that we have discussed above.

This website has become famous due to the features it offers. They make the gaming experience fun and convenient. We have mentioned some of the major ones in the information given above. Besides this, some enjoyable genres are also discussed.


Is using the Unblocked Games Premium website free?

Yes. Using this website is completely free.

Can I use it on a mobile device?

Absolutely. You can use it on a mobile device as well. There’s a special section for mobile games on it.

Are adventure games available here?

Indeed. Some interesting adventure games are available on this site.

Is it a good idea to use a VPN while using this site?

It’s not necessary to use a VPN while using it. However, using it may help you secure your device.

Rehan Maqsood is a passionate writer who shares his insights across a variety of popular websites. With a knack for exploring diverse topics, he connects with readers through engaging and informative articles. Rehan enjoys bringing fresh perspectives to his audience, making complex subjects accessible and interesting.

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