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Starlink Internet Review – Speed, Reliability, and Cost


Elon Musk and his companies have revolutionized the lifestyle in many ways. Now, he and his satellite company SpaceX have presented the world with an Internet service. This service is known as Starlink Internet around the world. It is relatively a new company. This means that it isn’t available all around the world yet.

We’re going to review this Internet service in today’s article. You will get to know the information about its speed. We will also discuss its reliability and cost. Let’s start.

Starlink Internet is an Internet service that is offered by SpaceX and is owned by Elon Musk. It consists of a special satellite system. Compared to typical geostationary satellites, this system operates much differently. Fans of the service view it as a premium offering because of this.

Our experience with this service was satisfactory. However, we think that the premium tag is only applied because of its high price. But if you look at the service it provides in rural and remote areas, the price seems to be worth it.

This service started 5 years ago. Since then, SpaceX has launched more than 6,000 Starlink satellites in space. That’s the reason why around 100 countries have access to this Internet service.

As stated before, our experience with this service satisfied us. Most of its credit goes to the speed of the Internet. During testing, we were able to notice different speeds each day. For example, the speed we recorded was above 200Mbps constantly. This was the result for most of the days.

The speed went exceptionally low for some periods as well. The lowest dip was around 5Mbps. However, these dips were very rare. Overall, the speed remained constant and we didn’t face any major issues with it.

The upload speed of this service wasn’t as good as it should be. Between 10 and 20 Mbps was the average speed we experienced. It often was not more than 10 Mbps.

 The good thing is that it is better than many Internet service providers out there. Also, remember that the nature of your purchased bundle affects the overall speed.

Perfect for Rural and Remote Areas:

If you live in rural areas, Starlink Internet is the perfect choice for you. That is because it offers far more speed in such areas than local ISPs. It is also perfect for remote areas. People who need an Internet connection while being in such areas can rely on this service.

Starlink even has a separate section for remote areas of Internet service on their site. They also have a “Boat” section. This means that the company provides this service on water as well. Although the prices of this service are high, being able to use fast and unlimited data in such regions is worth the price.

Low Latency that is Perfect for Online Gaming:

Starlink Internet has very low latency compared to other services. Gamers know this term as “Ping”. It describes the time it takes for information to travel from your device to the provider. The lower the ping the better.

The reason for this low latency is mind-blowing. This company is able to keep it low due to less distance of satellites from Earth. Around 22,000 miles is the average orbital distance of a geostationary satellite from Earth. Starlink satellites orbit only at 350 miles. They are low enough to see with the naked eye.

Their low orbit makes it possible for information to flow faster. In this way, online gamers can have a far better gaming experience.

Easy Installation Process:

Starlink does not provide a professional installation option. But you don’t have to worry. That is because its self-installation process is super easy. There are three basic pieces of equipment that you need to set up. They include:

  • A ground dish
  • A dish mount
  • A Wi-Fi router with a cable

There are clear and comprehensive installation instructions provided by the company. The dish is very advanced equipment. That is because it automatically adjusts its position according to the signal coverage once installed. However, you can also use Starlink’s app for this purpose. It uses AR to help the user find the best location to set up their dish.  

This service is very reliable. According to data, it covers around 99.6% of US households. Besides this, it is also available in many European countries. Australia and New Zealand also have it.

The good thing is that it is rapidly growing. Soon, many other countries will also have this service.

Its dish quality is another factor that advocates its reliability. You don’t have to bother about maintenance after you set it up.

 It is built for all four seasons. For example, it melts ice off of it automatically.

Similarly, the Internet connection is also stable. It rarely goes down. However, bad weather may affect it. According to their official website, you can get a full refund if you don’t like the service for the first 30 days.

This service comes with different pricing plans. Their details are given below:

PlanPriceSpeedEquipment costData
Standard$12020-100 Mbps$599Standard unlimited
Priority$140-$50040 to 220 Mbps$2,50040Gb to 2TB, standard unlimited thereafter
Mobile$1505 to 50 Mbps$599Standard unlimited
Mobile Priority$250 to $5,00040 to 220 Mbps$2,50050GB to 5TB, standard unlimited thereafter

Here are some of its major pros and cons:


  • High-speed Internet
  • Amazing coverage in rural and remote areas
  • Service available on sea
  • Very low latency
  • Unlimited data
  • Different packages for mobile
  • Durable equipment


  • Very expensive
  • You have to pay upfront
  • Not good in harsh weather conditions

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In conclusion, Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet is revolutionizing Internet service around the globe. It was started a few years ago. Now, it covers many countries around the world. It covers a major part of the US households. The reason is that the quality of their services is very good. It is an ideal connection for people living in rural areas. People who travel to remote areas or by sea can also use it.

This service is very expensive, however. You also need to pay the money upfront. Besides this, the service is very reliable. The speed remains constant most of the time. Its equipment is also very durable. We have reviewed all of this comprehensively in the information given above.


It’s not definite how much time it will take for that. However, the company is rapidly growing in many countries.

Is this service expensive?

Yes. This service is a lot expensive.

Does the equipment of this service come free?

No. You have to pay for the equipment separately.

Is installation free for this service?

Professional installation isn’t available for this service. This means you can install it yourself for free.

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