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reMarkable 2 Review – The Best Digital Paper Tablet?


Writing with a pen on paper feels considerable, whether taking notes in a meeting, studying in class, or brainstorming new ideas. The reMarkable 2 combines this old-school feeling with modern technology by working like a notebook and a tablet, letting you write digitally. It is great for making lists, jotting down notes, and drawing. We tested it thoroughly at the Good Housekeeping Institute, checking how the pen feels and how long the battery lasts. Its stylish design and versatility make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to quickly turn handwritten notes into digital files without worrying about losing them.

Remarkable 2 Specifications

Weight0.88 pounds
Size187 by 246 by 4.7 millimetres
Screen10.3-inch black and white digital paper display
Storage8 GBs
Cloud ServiceMonthly Service Plann
Battery TimeUpto 2 Weeks

Key Features of reMarkable 2

Text Transcription

Before we discuss how this tablet feels like paper, it is crucial to highlight its best features. With just a tap on the screen, reMarkable turns handwritten words and punctuation into typed text. Once it’s converted, you can save the text in a document.

Paperlike Surface

I wasn’t sure if a digital tablet could feel like writing on paper, but I was convinced in seconds. The pen moves smoothly on the tablet’s surface with hardly any noise. reMarkable’s CANVAS display responds quickly, with a delay of only 21 milliseconds. Remember, it has no built-in light, so consider getting a book light.

Export as PDF

Do you enjoy doodling or drawing in your spare time? I need to find out how useful reMarkable’s PDF export feature can be. You can brainstorm ideas, create mind maps, or sketch your organizational chart. When you’re done, export your creation to save and share it.

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File import

When bringing in files, one of the reMarkable 2’s handy features is annotating documents. Just import the file from the website, then use a pen to add notes. You can only import PDF, EPUB, JPG, and PNG files, so save your documents as PDFs before transferring them.

Available keyboard

Focusing requires a lot of work, and there are many distractions around. The reMarkable lets you work without getting sidetracked by social media and online shopping. The keyboard costs $199, though, so you can only type on your reMarkable if you can do it without it.


Work with the reMarkable 2 Tablet

Writing on the reMarkable tablet is easy. The screen responds quickly, capturing your words as you write, so there’s no delay when taking notes in a meeting. However, there needs to be a slight delay when transcribing your handwritten notes. It takes about 30 seconds for a page or so of text to be converted. Exporting the transcribed text is quick, though. With just a few taps, it’s sent to your email.

Battery life

The reMarkable 2 only needs a little power, even if you use it a lot. It can last up to two weeks on one charge and even longer if you use it less. Charging the tablet is easy; it comes with the USB cable you need. However, charging takes a few hours when the battery is almost empty.

Design and Build Quality

The remarkable 2 is a robust, light tablet that’s easy to carry. Using a protective case to protect the screen from damage is essential. All the controls are on the screen; you can operate them with a pen or finger. One problem is that the writing instrument tip isn’t covered, so I’m cautious about putting it in my backpack or purse to avoid damage. The stylus sticks to the tablet with magnets, so using a particular case would make it less convenient. The stylus works well; it is comfortable and easy to use, and you can adjust how thick or thin the ink appears. At first, changing the writing instrument tips can be tricky, but you’ll figure it out after a few tries. My only issue is knowing when to replace the tip is hard.

reMarkable 2 Tablet Pros and Cons

Long battery time Costly for what it offers
Stylus sticks with magnets for easy storageNeed to pay for a plan to sync with devices
Exports quicklyChanging the stylus tip can be hard
Thin and lightNot many options for exporting
Easy-to-use interfaceNo light behind the screen
Lots of different templatesSometimes doesn’t keep line breaks when transcribing
Screen easy to see outsideSupport is limited
100-day guarantee if you’re not satisfied

reMarkable 2 Price

reMarkable sells its products on its website. When you buy the reMarkable 2 tablet, you have two price options based on the stylus. The version without an eraser costs $399, and the one with an eraser costs $449. I found the eraser unnecessary because I can easily erase using the Undo button or the stylus tip, which works better for me. You can also find reMarkable on Amazon, but prices are similar, and they don’t offer the cheaper stylus option. A $549 version on Amazon includes a one-year trial of Connect, reMarkable’s cloud service for transferring text to other devices. After the trial, connect costs $2.99 a month and gives you unlimited cloud storage. I prefer emailing and copying my text into documents, which works fine. However, the subscription might be worth considering if you want to save time or store many documents.

reMarkable 2: Is it for you?

The reMarkable 2 tablet is more environmentally friendly and convenient than pens and paper. Despite these benefits, the high price is hard to justify. I bought the reMarkable 2 because I enjoy writing by hand, it is calming and helps me think. I mainly use it to take notes during meetings, which I then save in Word documents. This way, I can organize my files easily on my computer instead of dealing with paper. If you often need to take handwritten notes, especially if you share them with others, the reMarkable is worth considering. The real test is whether you enjoy writing by hand. Whether for journaling or writing stories, the reMarkable might be worth the investment if writing brings you joy.

Final Verdict

The reMarkable 2 is a simple yet particular device with essential features. When you take it with you, you don’t need extra items like earbuds or batteries. If you don’t write by hand often, it may not be worth the cost, but it’s a suitable replacement for using pen and paper.

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