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Nadia Farmiga Age, Bio & Net Worth


In the entertainment industry, fans are curious about the personal lives of superstars as well as their families.

The same case is with the infamous actress Vera Farmiga. Vera has six siblings and the one we’re going to talk about today is Nadia Farmiga. She’s not as famous as Vira since she’s not in the film business.

Yet, she has attracted the attention of many fans of the Farmiga family. In this article, we will discuss Naida’s life in a brief yet interesting way.

Who is Nadia Farmiga?

Nadia Farmiga is the sister of Vira Farmiga who is a famous American actress. Nadia grew up with her family in New Jersey. She lived there with her siblings and parents. Her parents are immigrants from Ukraine. They tried to keep their nationality alive by teaching Ukrainian culture to their children.

Bio Summary:

Here’s her bio summary:

Full NameNadia Farmiga
DOB23 Feb, 1977
Place of BirthNew Jersey, USA
Eye ColorDark Brown
Father nameMykhailo Farmiga
Mother nameLuba Farmiga
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameWilson

What Does Nadia Farmiga Do?

Nadia’s fame basically came from Vira. Although Vira and Taissa (another sister of Nadia) are in the film business, Nadia chose a very different path. She owns a catering business and is a restaurateur. So, you can say that she’s an entrepreneur.

However, she wasn’t a businesswoman from the start. She studied and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. So, she worked in different companies before starting her business. This quest began with her working at companies like Neuville-Sur-Seine. Nadia also worked at the Le Garrick Restaurant.

After working at a couple of other places, she launched Misto with the collaboration of her husband. Misto is a part of pop-up and private catering services. It is based on rich cultural heritage.

How old is Nadia?

Nadia, as of now, is 47 years old. She was born on 23 February 1977.

Personal Life:

Nadia Farmiga is living a married life. Her husband’s name is Wilson Costa who’s Brazilian. There’s no authentic information available about the exact date of their marriage. However, the couple has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years now. Their relationship began at a restaurant where they worked together. The couple has two children now.

Nadia Farmiga’s Net Worth:

Nadia’s net worth is around $500,000 (approximately). Most of this money came from Misto. It’s clear that she’s not as rich as her sister Vira. That is because her net worth of $10 million approximately.

Nadia’s Siblings Names:

The names of the siblings of Nadia are listed below:

  • Victor Farmiga
  • Vera Farmiga
  • Stephen Farmiga
  • Alexander Farmiga
  • Laryssa Farmiga
  • Taissa Farmiga


In conclusion, Nadia Farmiga is a famous celebrity sister of Vira Farmiga. She didn’t pursue a career in the film industry as her sister did. She decided to launch her own company instead. Her parents are from Ukraine. So, the whole family follows Ukrainian culture.

She worked as a Mechanical Engineer in several places. After that, her quest in the restaurant business started. Together, they launched their own business when she met her spouse on the journey. Her estimated net worth has been stated to be $500K.

 We have discussed her life details briefly in the information given above.

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Are Nadia Farmiga and Taisa Farmiga the same persons?

No. Nadia and Taissa aren’t the same person. They’re actually siblings.

Has Nadia worked in movies?

No. Nadia hasn’t worked in any movie so far.

Is she a successful businesswoman?

There’s no authentic data available about her success in the business. However, she’s been running it for several years now.

How many children does Nadia have?

Nadia has two children.

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