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Jennifer Garner Net Worth & Biography Detail


In several cases, actors start producing films at a certain time in their careers. This helps them channel their skills and earn good money. It’s what Jennifer Garner accomplished. She is a film producer and actress from America. She has a large fan following and has been in several films. People are curious about Jennifer Garner net worth because of this.

This article will cover it in detail. Here, we will discuss how much money she has earned throughout her career. We will also discuss her brief biography details. Let’s start.

Her Early Life:

Jennifer Garner was born in the state of Texas. She didn’t have any acting background. Garner started studying at Denison University in Granville. Like her father (a chemical engineer), she started studying chemistry here. After studying it for three years, she made an important decision. She switched her subject to theater. She relocated to New York following her Bachelor of Fine Arts completion.

Full nameJennifer Anne Garner
Birth dateApril 17, 1972
BirthplaceHouston, US
ProfessionActress, Producer, Spokesperson, Voice Actor
Net worth$80 million
Marital statusDivorced
Husband nameScott Foley (divorced in 2004), Ben Affleck (divorced in 2018)

Career Highlights:

Garner was able to get some minor rules in acting while working in New York. Later, she moved to the hub city of acting, Los Angeles. The first leading role she got was in the TV movie named “Rose Hill”.

She also appeared in a feature film. Its name was “Washington Square”. Another role she played was in “Deconstructing Harry”. However, most of her scenes didn’t make it to the final cut.

One of the most significant roles she got was in a J.J. Abram college drama. This drama was very famous and its name is Felicity.


The early years of the 2000s were the time she made a breakthrough in her career. She got the lead role of Sydney Bristow in “Alias”. Since this show was a complete hit, Garner was able to get $150,000 per episode.

The Alias series ended after 6 years. Then, Garner went back to work in films properly. She worked in a very critically acclaimed movie “Juno”. After this, she went to work on stage. Garner played a role in “Cyrano de Bergerac”. The role was of Roxanne. The special thing is that she starred with Kevin Kline in it.

Later on, Garner worked in some rom-coms as well. One of them is The Invention of Lying. Her comedy skills impressed people to a great extent. Her diverse acting skills made her able to play the role of a mother. She did it in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.

In the controversial film Dallas Buyers Club, she portrayed yet another outstanding performance. Her character was a doctor tending to the main character.

Recent Work:

One of her recent works includes a Netflix movie named “Yes Day”. This explained her comedy skills once again. Later, she worked in the movie “The Adam Project” alongside Mark Ruffalo. Garner played a lead role in the Apple TV+ series “The Last Thing He Told Me”.

She also worked in the movie “Family Switch”. It has already been revealed that she will play Electra in the next film, “Deadpool 3.”

Jennifer Garner Net Worth:

Jennifer Garner net worth is around $80 million. The details of her income through minor roles are unclear. However, she made around $45,000 per episode of Alias. The total amount was around $1 million for a season. At the end of the series, she was making around $3.3 million per season.

She was able to earn $7 million for her work in “The Kingdom”. Garner also worked with a brand called Capital One. The thing about working with such brands is that you don’t get paid per commercial. You have to sign a long-term contract. That’s what Jennifer did. She made a 5-year deal with the brand reportedly. The worth of this deal is $15-20 million.

Some of her earnings come from a baby food product she co-founded. It is believed to be available at more than ten thousand stores in the US.

Real Estate:

The real estate portfolio of Jennifer Garden is an interesting thing to study. She and her ex-husband bought a house in Los Angeles. They paid around $17.55 million for it. Later, it was sold for $32 million to Adam Levine. Garner spent around $8 million on a property in Los Angeles.

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In conclusion, Jennifer Garner net worth is approximately $80 million. She’s a skilled actress born in Texas. Without an acting background, she graduated in Fine Arts. She was able to land some small roles after moving to New York. True fame followed her after she went to Los Angeles.

She has worked in a famous series called Alias. It helped her make some good money. Besides this, she also worked in some of the most famous movies including Dallas Buyers Club. Her upcoming role is Elecktra in Deadpool 3.


 Was Jennifer Garner married to Ben Affleck?

Yes. She married to Ben Affleck. However, their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Is she a billionaire?

No. She is not a billionaire actress.

Is she playing Elektra in Deadpool 3?

Yes. It’s her upcoming role in the Marve’s Deadpool 3.

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