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How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram (2024 Guide)


The Vanish Mode feature on Instagram is intended to improve privacy and security for direct messaging. Sending text messages, images, and videos that vanish from the chat after they are viewed or when the chat closes at the moment of activation is allowed. It assists you in sharing sensitive or secret information about something with another person. Conversations are not left on the recipient’s device without your permission when it is turned on.

If you no longer need it, you can easily turn off Vanish Mode. But do you really know how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram? It is a straightforward procedure. If you are unfamiliar with this unique feature, this article will provide useful information.

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What is the Vanish Mode Feature on Instagram?

Vanish Mode on Instagram enables sending confidential informational data and secret discussions in direct chats. These messages vanish and are not recorded in the chat history after viewing or being seen.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram- Simple Steps

Although Instagram’s disappear mode gives users more privacy in their chats, some users find this feature unsettling. First of all, once messages are taken into consideration, they disappear, so you cannot utilize information from a prior chat. Furthermore, once a vanish mode message is sent, it cannot be undone. 

Step 1: Open the Direct Messaging (DM) section at the upper right corner of the Instagram app, then tap it.

Step 2: Choose and tap the chat window where you wish to disable the disappearing mode. A circle will appear next to a chat if its disappear mode is enabled.

how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram

Instagram offers two ways to get out of disappear mode.

Option 1: Tap the friend’s name.

how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram
  • Select Privacy & Safety.
  •  Turn off the vanish mode.

Option 2: To disable the disappear mode, swipe up in your chat window. Additionally, you can enable vanish mode once more by swiping up from your chat.

Vanish Mode Is Not Turning Off

First, make sure you are following the right steps if you are experiencing issues with Vanish Mode not turning off when you swipe up:

  • On iOS: pull up from the bottom of the screen, then let go.
  • On Android: Slide up, hold for a brief period, and then release.

Assuming the feature has not yet been disabled,

  • Check for updates: Verify whether the latest Instagram app version is installed.
  • Restart the app: Quit and reopen Instagram to decide if the problem continues.
  • Internet Connection: Check your Internet connection to see if Vanish Mode is still enabled even after following these instructions. 

Reasons to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram

The requirement for features that put privacy and authenticity first is becoming more and more evident as social media platforms expand. Vanish Mode satisfies these demands by offering an honest platform with sharp ends. Some considerable reasons are mentioned here. Let’s know that

1. Improved Secrecy

Improved privacy is one reason to use Instagram Vanish mode. The Vanish Mode makes sure that messages vanish after they are viewed and the recipient leaves the chat, so you can participate in conversations you would rather keep private. 

2. Temporary Collaboration
Sometimes, you want to share something immediately without having it recorded in your conversation history. This feature allows you to share something temporarily, like a funny meme, a fleeting thought, or a quick reaction, all while keeping your chat room clean.

3. Perfect for Sensitive Subjects
Vanish Mode adds a layer of security to conversations where control is required, as messages disappear and are never seen again. This makes it ideal for discussing sensitive topics or sharing private information. 

4. Short Communication
The feature enables us to embrace communication in a modern world where everything is archived and recorded. It makes your messages safer and protected from being copied.

Final Words

Instagram’s Vanish Mode offers a special and useful feature that allows users to have careful and fast communication. With its built-in anti-screenshot protection and ability to automatically remove messages after they have been viewed, Vanish Mode suggests a secure platform for periodic and unexpected conversations.

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