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How to Create an Amazon Seller Account in 2024


Starting a business on Amazon in 2024 is a great opportunity. Many shoppers search on Amazon because it offers free or low-cost shipping and reasonable prices. It’s convenient to shop from home, and Amazon cares a lot about its customers. Over half of shoppers use Amazon weekly, and many buy gifts there during the holidays. Amazon will likely stay popular in e-commerce. Amazon is a vast website where many people shop. It gives sellers a chance to reach millions of customers. This guide will help you understand how to create an Amazon Seller account and give you tips to sell better.

Decide on Your Selling Plan

Before you begin, choose the right selling plan for your Amazon journey. There are two options: Individual and Professional. The Individual plan is for those selling at most 40 items monthly. It’s free to join, but you have to pay $0.99 per item sold, plus an additional charge. The Professional plan suits high-volume sellers. Selecting the best plan depends on how many items you plan to sell and your financial estimate. Consider your business goals carefully before choosing the plan that aligns with your needs.

How to Create Amazon Account

If you already have an Amazon account, log in with it. If you need help, you can create a new account easily. Using a business email address when setting up your account is wise. It helps keep your personal and business activities separate and professional. Once logged in or registered, you’ll follow the steps to set up your seller profile. It includes providing business details, such as your company name and address. Amazon may also require verification documents to ensure your legal as a seller. By using a business email and completing the setup process thoughtfully, you’ll be ready to start listing and selling your products on Amazon’s platform.

  • Step 1- Enter your credentials to proceed with creating an Amazon Account.
Enter your credentials
  • Step 2- Verify your email address by inserting the code that you receive in your email inbox.
Verify your email address
  • Step 3- Verify your mobile number by one-time password (OTP).
Verify your mobile number

Fill in Your Business Information

Once you log in, Amazon will ask for specific details about your business. You must accurately provide your official business name, address, and contact information. These details must match what’s on your official business records because Amazon verifies them for accuracy. This verification process helps Amazon ensure that all sellers are legal and trustworthy. They may also request additional documents to confirm your business’s identity and ownership. By providing accurate information and completing this step carefully, you’ll be able to establish your credibility as a seller on Amazon. It can also help streamline your selling experience by preventing future issues with account verification.

  • Step 1- Add location to your business Amazon Account.
Add location
  • Step 2- Add the proper business store address if you have one; if not, then skip the step.
Add the proper business store address

Add Payment Information

You must give them your bank account details when you set up your Amazon account. It is where Amazon sends you the money from your sales. Amazon accepts bank accounts from many countries, so you can quickly get paid using your local money. You also have to put a credit card number on your account. Amazon uses this card to charge you for any fees related to selling on their website.

It’s essential to keep this information up-to-date and correct. It helps you avoid problems with getting paid on time or extra charges. By correctly entering your bank account and credit card details, you ensure your sales on Amazon go smoothly and safely.

  • Step 1- Add your personal information to make transactions.
Add your personal information
  • Step 2- Add your billing information to accept orders.
Add your billing information
  • Step 3- Insert your store’s information to verify that you are a merchant.
Insert your store’s information
  • Step 4- Complete the verification process to proceed with the procedure. Now, your account is under Amazon’s team review; when the review is done, your account will be on air.

Tax Information

Amazon asks all sellers to do a tax interview to understand how you should be taxed. This interview helps them figure out if they need to tell the IRS about the money they make. During the interview, you’ll need to give specific details based on whether you’re selling as a person or a company. Please provide your Social Security number and income details if you’re selling as a person. You must provide your employer identification number (EIN) and other business tax info if you’re selling as a company. Giving correct and complete information in the interview is essential. It helps Amazon and the tax people handle your taxes right.

List Your Products

After you finish setting up your account, you can begin putting your products for sale. You can add your offer to those listings if your products are already on Amazon. Another option is using a third-party program like ScanLister to make listing easier. For new products, you will be required to create new listings. You must provide details like the product’s name, description, pictures, and price. Using good keywords in your listings is vital so more folks can search them easily. It helps ensure your products appear well when customers search for them.

Manage Inventory

Keeping track of how much stuff you have on Amazon is essential. In Seller Central, you can constantly update us on how many items you have in stock. It helps you always know what you can sell. By keeping good inventory records, you can quickly send orders to customers. Knowing your stock levels means you will always have things to sell. It also helps you avoid selling more stuff than you have, which can cause problems. By conducting your inventory well, you make shopping easier and better for your clients on Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Option

When it comes to shipping, you can choose to do it yourself or use Amazon’s fulfillment by Amazon service. With FBA, you send your products to Amazon’s warehouses and Amazon stores, pack, ship, and handle customer service for you. While Fulfillment by Amazon costs more because of fees, it makes things easier for sellers. It also means customers get their orders faster, which makes them happier. By using Fulfillment by Amazon, sellers can focus more on growing their business and worry less about shipping and other challenges. It makes Amazon shopping smoother and more efficient for customers.

Optimize Your Sales Strategy

Selling well on Amazon involves more than just putting your products up for sale. Try setting competitive prices, marketing with Amazon PPC, and asking clients to leave reviews. These things can help more people see and buy your products. It’s also important to watch how you’re doing as a seller. Check your seller metrics and how well you’re doing overall. It helps you make sure you’re meeting Amazon’s standards for sellers.

Stay Compliant

Amazon has essential rules to make sure shopping is safe and reliable. Sellers need to understand and follow these rules when listing products and selling. By knowing and continuing to follow Amazon’s guidelines, you help ensure customers have a good experience. If you break the rules, Amazon might suspend your account. It means you couldn’t sell on Amazon anymore, which could hurt your business. That’s why reading and following Amazon’s rules is so important. It helps you avoid problems and keep your ability to sell on Amazon.

The Final Note

Selling successfully on Amazon requires careful planning and following Amazon’s rules. Start by picking the right selling plan and setting up your account with accurate business and payment information. Complete the tax interview, ensure your product listings are detailed, and use good keywords. Keep track of your inventory and consider using Fulfillment by Amazon to make things straightforward. Use strategies like competitive pricing, Amazon PPC ads, and asking for customer reviews to increase sales. Regularly check your seller’s performance to meet Amazon’s standards. Following Amazon’s rules, you keep a reliable seller account and ensure a good customer experience.

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