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How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost in 2024?


Are you someone who wants to play YouTube videos ads-free? Yes, YouTube Premium is available with a paid subscription for individuals, students and families. It will give you paid access to premium content without any ads.

However, it not only provides you ads free experience but also many other features like background play, YouTube Music, downloading options and many more. But, if you don’t have an idea how much does YouTube premium cost. Let me describe the Youtube Premium Cost. 

Youtube Premium Overview

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based YouTube service that allows users to enjoy exclusive content without interruption. According to the latest stats, YouTube has 1 billion hours of video a day, and this number of users encourages businesses to run advertisement campaigns on videos. However, with YouTube Premium, you can avoid unskippable ads from your videos and get premium music access on YouTube Music. 

Youtube Premium Overview

How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost

YouTube Premium cost depends on geographical location, and each region has a different price rate for users. However, the U.S user’s YouTube Premium cost is mentioned below: 


As the name suggests individual plan is perfect for one device. It is available for a single person. You can enjoy the perks like background play even if your mobile screen is off. It is a great source to get rid of ads headaches. 

One Month Price: $13,99/mo

Annual Price: (15% Discount) $139,99/year 

YouTube Premium Cost


YouTube Premium subscription offers discounts for students who want to buy premium subscriptions. It is a budget budget-friendly subscription with a low cost, but you will enjoy the same perks as other plans. Students will have to prove their identity that they are enrolled in college IV or university. They can use and resubscribe for four years. 

Price: $7.99/Mo

YouTube Premium Cost


If you are a part of one household large family, then YouTube Premium gives a complete plan for five family members. All the members can enjoy exclusive content, ads free and YouTube music. However, it is important that all members must be above 13 years old and one household. 

Monthly price: $22.99

YouTube Premium Cost

Note: You will get the One-month free trial with each plan as a new user. Also, you will be reminded before seven of your trial ends. 

What are some Membership Benefits

  • Ads free
  • Background Music Play 
  • YouTube Premium Music Access
  • Exclusive Content
  • Downloading for Offline viewing

Concluding Line

YouTube Premium cost is different around the world, and it costs based on your location. For USA users, the cost starts from $7.99 for students, $13.99 for a single person, and $22.99 for a family. Also, it comes with one month free trial for new users. You can enjoy the exclusive content which is not available for free members. It removes Ads, provides offline viewing and listen music and podcasts while using other apps. 


Are there any additional fees for YouTube Premium? 

Generally, there are no additional fees beyond the monthly subscription cost.

Is there a free trial for YouTube Premium? 

Yes, YouTube often offers one month free trial period for new subscribers.

Can I cancel YouTube Premium at any time? 

Yes, you can cancel your YouTube Premium subscription at any time. You’ll continue to have access to the service until the end of your billing period.

Do prices for YouTube Premium vary by country? 

Yes, the cost of YouTube Premium may vary by country and currency exchange rates.

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