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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth – Top Sources and Investments


Contrary to popular assumption, becoming a chef may lead to high-income levels. One of the best instances of this is Gordon Ramsay. He is a British chef who has achieved fame as a celebrity. It’s the reason he can make a lot of money.

He earned his money through different sources. Over the years, the renowned chef worked in different TV shows. In addition, he owns many eateries that contribute to his income. That will be the main focus of this blog. We’ll talk about Gordon Ramsay net worth here.

Now let’s get going.

Gordon Ramsay – Ladder to Success:

Ramsay wasn’t in the cooking profession from the beginning. He aspired to be a successful footballer – as all Englishmen want to. He had a hobby of cooking, however. Due to an injury, Gordon had to abandon the dream of becoming a footballer.

After that, he found his passion in hospitality.

He started learning hotel management. That’s where he found his love for the cooking profession. He had the honor of working under some famous chefs. They include Albert Roux, Marco Pierre White, and Guy Savoy. 

After gaining experience, he started working as a head chef for different restaurants. Later, he opened his own eatery called Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. He became a focus point of the documentary Boiling Point in 1999. That was the start of his TV career. He ran shows named Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen.

He’s still working on being the best and running different cooking shows.

What is Gordon Ramsay Net Worth?

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth is $220 million in total. He was able to make this fortune via different resources and investments.

Gordon signed a deal with Lion Capital in 2019. It was to launch the Gordon Ramsay North America. The goal of this deal was to open different restaurants across the United States. The worth of this deal was $100 million.

The restaurant group owned by Ramsay brought in about $96 million. His business was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The revenue during this time was only around $7.9 million.


BirthdateNov 8, 1966
BirthplaceJohnstone, Scotland
Net worth$220 million
Salary (2019/2020)Around $63/$70 million
Income per episode$225,000
Number of restaurants58
NationalityUnited Kingdom

Analyzing Income Resources:

Gordon Ramsay net worth demands an analysis of income resources. Let’s do that now.

Annual Salary:

Gordon’s annual salary isn’t definite. This means it can vary each other. That is because the nature of the projects he works on keeps changing. However, in 2020, he earned $70 million. A year before, the number was $63 million.

Income per episode:

He is quite wealthy from his TV endeavors. Each episode brings in about $225,000 for him.

Real Estate investments:

Gordon Ramsay owns a large portfolio of real estate. Here’s its overview:

  • Bel-Air home: $6.75 million.
  • London home: $3.5 million
  • 3 more homes in Fowey: $13 million.


In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay net worth is $220 million. It is a big amount for a chef. His exceptional talents made him more than just a chef. He has now become a celebrity that is revered throughout the world.

Ramsay started his career by learning hotel management. After that, he earned experience and worked as head chef. He later opened his own restaurants. He now runs different TV shows as well as restaurants. Gordon also owns a decent amount of real estate.


Is Gordon Ramsay a billionaire?

No. The chef is not a billionaire yet.

How many restaurants he owns?

Gordon owns a total of 58 restaurants in different locations.

How much does Ramsay make from one episode?

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