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Clevo PA71 Review – Best Budget Friendly Gaming Laptop


Do you want to buy a new powerful gaming laptop or just want to upgrade an existing one? If so, then Clevo PA71 is the best option for you!

The Clevo PA71 gaming laptop model is attracting a lot of gamers due to its modern design, stunning performance, and robust features. This device is best for heavy gamers and other professionals who require a high-performing machine to manage their workload effectively. In this review, we will take you to examine its features, specifications, and performance in detail so that you can easily decide whether to buy this device or not.

Clevo PA71 Features Overview

Screen Size17.3″
Maximum Resolution3840×2160
Speed2.8 GHz
ProcessorIntel i7-8th Gen
Storage512 GB
Storage TypeSSD
OSWindows 10
GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX series

Features In Details

Design and Build Quality

This Clevo Clevo PA71 has an ultra-modern design and a shiny black matte finish. Its lid contains the CLevo logo and has 4 rubber feet at the bottom for firmness. The overall build quality of this device is extraordinary and looks visually appealing. Its keyboard is illuminated with personalized RGB lighting, and the touchpad is responsive and wide.

Clevo PA71 Review


The Clevo PA71 laptop provides an HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its display attracts users with its matte finish look which allows them to use in brighter environments with ease. Gamers and other professional graphics designers prefer this device due to its stunning color accuracy.


This machine has a built-in Intel Core i7 processor. This 9th generation processor has a minimum speed of 2.6 GHz and a maximum speed of 4.5 GHz. Moreover, it also features a GPU of NVIDIA GeForce RTX series. Both these components give a high-quality gaming performance and manage in-depth graphics tasks with ease. These specifications are best for heavy gamers as they can easily play most realistic graphics games.

Clevo PA71 Processor

Gaming Performance

The overall gaming performance of this laptop is quite stunning due to its robust built-in processor and GPU. It has the ability to provide lag-free gaming experiences to fulfil every intense gamer’s needs. It has a 144Hz of refresh rate, which is quite good as it helps in minimizing the blur motions and results in improving the overall gaming process.

Storage and Memory

The Clevo PA71 offers a 512 GB SSD and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. This improves the overall read and write speed of data which is considered best for intense gamers and other professional graphics designers. This device can easily handle heavy workloads and offers effective multitasking to users.

Cooling System

It is essential for all gaming laptops to have an effective thermal management to maintain the temperature while performing heavy tasks on it. This laptop provides robust cooling system via placing fans and heat pipes strategically that boosts the overall performance of the device. This also helps in maintaining constant frame rates and avoid from reducing the clock speed of the processor when temperature rises.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard of this device offers a personalized RGB lighting which looks attractive to human eye. There is a good spacing between the keys which enables users to type continuously and comfortably for long time periods. The touchpad is also user friendly as Clevo has largen it in this model which is highly effective for users to navigate through the operating system and other applications easily.

Webcam and Audio

Clevo has provided a built in 720-pixel HD webcam in this model which allows gamers to do live gaming sessions on their YouTube channels and interact with audience simultaneously. The video quality is extra ordinary which makes it best for video conferencing and online streaming. The audio quality is outstanding which gives clear and energizing sound.


The battery life of this device is considered average as compared to other gaming laptops. It has a 62-Watt hour battery which can be used for more than 4 hours in normal mode. The overall lifetime will be decreased, if you use it for intense gaming purposes without connecting a charger.


The Clevo PA71 has a wide range of connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, Ethernet Port, and more. It also gives 3 USB ports, HDMI, mini Display Port, and an audio jack so that users can easily connect external devices to it without adopting other complex procedures.

Operating System

This device offers a pre-installed Windows 10 without any third-party or unnecessary installed software. The operating system comes with a Clevo Control Center which helps users to personalize the keyboard’s backlights, fan speeds and other display settings.

Clevo PA71 Price

The current price of this high-end gaming laptop is around $2018. This device provides outstanding performance, excellent display and wide range of exceptional features which make it a worthy investment for gamers and other professionals to manage their heavy workloads with ease.

Top Reasons to Buy Clevo PA71

  1. Effective Performance

The Clevo PA71 laptop is a top choice for gamers as it provides strong performance and can easily manage heavy games and applications. This device is installed with a high-performing graphics card and processor, which allows intense gamers to run games smoothly at a fast speed. Its robust cooling system maintains ideal temperature for components like processor and GPU during long gaming sessions.

  1. Exceptional Display

Its 17.3-inch widescreen provides a crystal-clear HD IPS display that pays attention to each pixel and allows both gamers and professional content creators to perform their tasks efficiently. Its wide angles and robust color accuracy make sure that the visuals appear sharply which helps you to play intensive games and perform any other multimedia tasks on high resolutions.

  1. Stylish Design

This laptop is crafted with premium materials which shows a durable and stylish design. Its keyboard contains an RGB LED backlight that provides an effective typing experience which is best for gamers and other professionals to use it in low lights. It is specifically designed to improve its airflow and heat dissipation which keeps the device calm and smooth during intense gaming sessions.

Clevo PA71 Pros and Cons

Good Memory & StorageInsufficient Battery Timing
Great DisplaySound Issues
Best Graphics for GamingPixel Problem
Smooth Keyboard

Our Opinion

The Clevo PA71 gaming laptop offers exceptional gaming performance with cutting-edge hardware and a vibrant display. Its wide angles and robust color accuracy make sure that the visuals appear sharply, which helps you play intensive games and perform any other multimedia tasks in high resolution. This device is installed with a high-performing graphics card and processor, which allows intense gamers to run games smoothly at a fast speed. 

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