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Bobby Brown Net Worth in 2024


Globally, singers have been making substantial sums of money. That’s the reason why people are interested in singers’ earnings.

 Of these singers is Bobby Brown. He’s an American R&B singer. He has produced some very famous songs that earned him a global fanbase.

He was also able to gather some money along the way. We’re going to reveal relevant information about it all in this article. We’ll talk about Bobby Brown net worth in 2024 here. We’ll also look at some of his music career. Now let’s get going.

Bobby Brown Net Worth:

Bobby Brown net worth is estimated at $2 million. Some people may argue that this amount is awfully low compared to other singers. That’s a very valid argument. However, this low net worth is the result of several factors. 

Brown’s marital status played a great role in this. He married Whitney Houston in 1992. Whitney was also an American singer and actress. The marriage remained troubled. It also affected Bobby’s musical accomplishments.

Whitney Houston was in debt to her record company. The amount of this debt was around $20 million at the time of her death. This debt was paid of by her estate. It was also enough to generate an extra $20 million. This amount went straight to her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Unfortunately, Kristina also died in 2015. At that time, she only earned around 10% of the trust. The amount was around $2 million. This money went to Bobby Brown after Kristina’s death.

Bobby Brown’s Musical Career:

Bobby started his career with a pop group New Edition. The name of his solo debut album was “King of Stage”.  What gave him fame, however, was his second album “Don’t Be Cruel”. Two of the songs from this album were able to Bobby win a Grammy Award. He kept on producing a lot of good songs that became famous.

The beginning of his career didn’t pay him very well. His first band was very famous. Still, he only earned $500 and a VCR from it. Brown’s cameo also appeared in the Ghostbusters II movie. He also appeared in the HBO kid’s show “Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme”.

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Further work:

Bobby dueted with Macy Gray in 2010. Two years later, he was able to record his fifth album. Its name was The Masterpiece. One of his recent performances was at the Valentine’s Day Music Festival in 2017.

Although he and New Edition parted ways, he again performed a few times with them. One of these performances was at the 1990 MTV Music Awards. After that, they released an album as a complete reunion project. The name of this album was Home Again.

He has also worked with Johnny Gill and Tresvant. The reason for this work was to compete with a spin-off group of New Edition called Bell Biv DeVoe. The group members performed a medley of Jackson 5 hits at the 2009 BET Awards.

Real Estate:

Bobby and his wife owned a house worth of $1.3 million. Both of them lived in this house until their divorce.


To conclude it all, Bobby Brown net worth is $2 million. This is a very low net worth compared to several stars of the industry. It is the result of different factors that affected his personal and professional lives. One of the biggest ones is his marriage with Whitney Houston. She was under debt to her company which was later paid off. Her child got the remaining money. After her death, the $2 million went to Bobby Brown.

He has a very successful musical career. He started with a band in the beginning. After that, he started making solo albums that gave him fame. Bobby has appeared in a movie and a kids’ TV show as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Did Bobby Brown divorce Whitney Houston?

Yes. Bobby divorced Whitney in 2007.

Is he a famous singer?

Yes. Bobby is fairly a famous singer.

Is Bobby a movie star as well?

Bobby has appeared in a movie and TV show. However, he’s not a big cinema star.

What is the main source of his earnings?

Singing is the main source of his earnings.

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